“Fair”ly 80s

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Big news from MT ExpoPark today – one big concert on August 1st at the Montana State Fair, featuring Journey, along with Pat Benatar and Loverboy.

Lots of folks are excited to see some non-country musicians at the fair, but of course others are upset that these performers are…well, from the 80s, basically, and haven’t had any chart-toppers in more than 25 years – I’ve seen jokes about needing an AARP card to get in to the concert, etc.

I’m not a concert-goer, so I’ve got no dog in this fight, but I think it’s pretty cool. Few rockers of the 70s/80s can hold a candle to Benatar, and Loverboy is just plain fun. Journey is good, although a bit too “ballad-y” sometimes.

I added a poll to the KRTV story, and am a bit surprised at the lack of love for Loverboy:

Journey, Benatar, or Loverboy?



  1. Thought of you yesterday as we toured…wait for it…LUCY THE ELEPHANT! This has nothing to do with the above post, sorry.

  2. We went to see Styx a few years back – once when we actually had to pay for the concert, and a following year when the upper rows were free with gate admission – and yes they were great, but so they only have like 2 people left from the original band. And yes, when Journey came out with “After all these years”, I swore it sounded like Steve Perry, but alas it wasn’t. Journey was very lucky to sign on Steve Perry sound-alike Steve Augeri.

    I don’t think its the point and purpose of these 80’s bands to keep staying on top. For the most of us, we like hearing their songs they way we remember them when they *were great*. But so it must be torture for them to sing their same songs over for what must be the millionth time.

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