This Happened: SUV into Eye Clinic

Yep – happened on Friday evening. The driver crashed into the Eye Clinic of Great Falls. GFPD says no alcohol involved – just one of those bizarre accidents. This picture pretty much sums it up.


Chief Clancy Wiggum is one of the best characters on The Simpsons, as seen in this very brief clip where he correctly assesses the dire situation that he is in and comes to a very…um…profound conclusion. That phrase is so awesome, and applicable to so many comedic situations.


If you’re wondering about the name change at MSU-GF, it’s true: MSU-Great Falls will now be known as “Great Falls College Montana State University.” The comments on the KRTV Facebook page appear to be unanimous, and they are not kind, although some are pretty funny. OK, now a multiple-choice pop quiz! This name and “brand” change will (a) increase enrollment at the school (b) make students smarter or more employable (d) make college more affordable…


Sorry for lack of posting the last few days – things got pretty crazy at work… To make up for my absence, I present to you a picture of a painting that I saw recently in the frame shop at Pro-Build. Ladies and gentlemen, behold: Space Tigers.

Monkey Love

Picked up some Dairy Queen on Friday night, and noticed this adorable graphic/factoid on the side of the little container holding the cheese curds!

Hittin’ The Trails

A fun video: “Destination Polaris takes an ATV Journey to Great Falls, Montana in search of one of the Nations top places to ride!” ATV riding, catching fish on the river, and a quick stop at the L&C Interpretive Center.

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