Pizza Baron

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Move over Howard’s. Step aside, Stageline. There’s a new pizza king in Great Falls, and his name is the Pizza Baron! I’ve enjoyed the Pizza Baron since it first opened about a year ago, but after my last two visits in as many weeks, there’s just no escaping it: best pizza in town. Thin crust, not too much sauce, and the cheese is perfect.

My pizza, of course, is straight-up pepperoni with double pep and double cheese – but my gal gave the “gluten-free” pizza a try recently, and said that it was hands-down the best gluten-free pizza she’s ever had.

Not just pizza, of course – they’ve got salads, calzones, spaghetti, beer baron hot dogs, ice cream, etc.

By the way – when we ate there yesterday, Jim (the owner) said that he’s experimenting with “spaghetti and meatball pizza.” Hmmmm…intriguing…

Other notes: love that they use metal “plates” to serve you. Pizza by the slice is available. Popcorn machine is a nice touch. And unlike any other pizza place in town (chain or local), the Pizza Baron’s pizza is the only one that tastes good heated up the next day. Don’t know why, it just “works.”

But don’t get me wrong – of course I still love Howard’s and Stageline, and will still eat their delicious pizzas, too! It’s just that if someone asks me where the best pizza in town is, the Pizza Baron gets my vote. Check ’em out on Facebook, too.

Here’s what yesterday’s pie looked like:

The Pizza Baron!

The Pizza Baron in Great Falls



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