Paywall Going Up at Trib

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The Great Falls Tribune has some…news:

Subscribers will be receiving a letter this week informing them of a price increase. We are raising our newsstand and subscription prices. We will be the last major Montana daily newspaper to go to a $2 newsstand price on Sundays. Effective June 1, our daily newsstand price will go from 75 cents to $1.

Our subscribers will be receiving additional value. All subscribers will receive full digital access to our content including and newly designed apps that enable users full access to custom-designed editions that play to the strength of the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Nonsubscribers’ access will be limited each month, but some content, such as CareerBuildercom, and some news stories, will be on our website and will always be accessible, without limit.

Emphasis mine. Heh…love how they bury the lede about putting up a paywall, and don’t even actually say it. Here’s a link to the full article on the Tribune – better click it now before it disappears behind the paywall!

UPDATE, Wednesday: Greg offers his thoughts on some of the reasons for the Tribune’s decision, and offers up some advice that likely won’t be taken:

I can’t blame the Tribune; they have to make a buck just like anyone else. I wonder, though, if anyone studied the elasticity of demand for their services. My wife already complained about the cost of this usually-thin paper, noting a typical morning’s read lasts about 5 minutes or less. I think she’ll cancel our subscription when she sees the price increase. May I suggest, though, that if the Tribune started taking an editorial stand once in a while that might do as much to increase overall revenue as a price increase?

Of course, that raises the question that has bugged me for a long time: why do newspapers have “editorials” at all?

Also: much obliged for the kind words about!

From Greg: “My first thought when I read this yesterday was that “this eliminates any question whatsoever that is by far the best online source of local news and information.”

From Wolfpack: “I second that leads as Great Falls best local news source.”


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