Faster Basset Upgrade

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We stopped at Faster Basset on Saturday for lunch, and it was my first time visiting since Brandon and his crew “upgraded” – and WOW, is it neat! Tore out the whole wall on the right side (from when you walk in), installed a fancy “fireplace” centerpiece, and the whole right side is almost ready for the new brewery. As awesome as it was before, now it’s even cooler. And – of course – I had the Bea’s 50/50 crepe, delicious as always!

Here’s some pix!

Faster Basset Upgrade!

Faster Basset!

Faster Basset!


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  1. I’m so stinkin excited for the Brewery side to open. As far as I’m concerned there can’t be enough mircrobrews around 😉 the place is looking great!

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