Ryan Leaf

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Way back in 2007, there was a poll over at the Big Sky Blog asking about “Big Sky Embarrassments.” Among the nominees: the Unabomber, the “Freemen,” the Berkeley Pit, Custer’s Last Stand, Dan & Don Nichols, and the guy who tried to trademark “The Last, Best Place.”

The official poll results, unfortunately, have been lost to the intarwebs, but I’m pretty sure that Great Falls native and former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf took the top spot in the voting.

Public sentiment about his two arrests within three days seems to be split pretty evenly: lots of ammo for people who are taking delight in his downfall, and lots of people saying that he desperately needs treatment for his problem.

Several people have noted that Leaf is very lucky not to have found himself on the business end of a gun from a startled homeowner.

Me – as much as I rarely use, let alone believe in, the “cry for help” trope, in this case it’s hard to think of anything else.


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