When I Win…

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When I win the Mega Millions lottery jackpot tonight, I’ve got big plans. The jackpot is now sitting at $640M, but after taking the lump sum payment and then paying taxes, I figure I’ll be sitting pretty with at least $230M. Here are some of my plans – some civic-minded, others personal:

1. Arrange to have a giant bison statue placed along the Missouri River, similar to Lucy the elephant in New Jersey.

2. Have free wi-fi installed and available across all of downtown Great Falls.

3. Build a large convenience store/gas station in the large field at Division Road and Smelter Avenue.

4. Build a Starbucks somewhere on the NW side of town…and if I am prevented from doing that, then I will arrange to have my 10-shot iced Americano delivered to me every morning from our existing Starbucks.

5. Buy the old 10th Street Bridge and create some sort of neat eatery right there on the bridge; a cafe, bistro, coffee shop, full-on restaurant – something. Anything.

6. No fancy car for me – I would finally buy the SUV that I’ve loved ever since they first came out: a Ford Escape. Don’t laugh.

7. Install a high-powered webcam on top of the tower at KRTV, and another one on top of the Milwaukee Station tower.

8. Buy a radio station here in Great Falls and play only the following types of music: big band, swing, jazz, funk, soul, exotica, lounge, space age pop. Rotate between (for instance) Luther Vandross, Frank Sinatra, Martin Denny, Parliament, Peggy Lee, Les Baxter, Dean Martin, James Brown, Esquivel, etc.

Also note: wouldja believe that I wouldn’t quit my job? Not just no, but heck no – I love it too much!

And now, off to buy a lottery ticket. Would be a shame if I forgot to actually purchase one and then found out that someone else had won MY jackpot!



  1. Those ideas sound very nice, though I think I’ve heard them before, probably by some politician. Best wishes.

    P.S. If you win please give some thought to similar ideas for say Billings, Bozeman, Butte, etc, etc, etc.

  2. 🙂 No politician here, Ken! But I like your idea of sharing the wealth in some other MT communities…although I’d be more inclined to focus my efforts in the very small places, like (for instance) Geyser, Stanford, etc.

    Um…but since I didn’t win…well, there’s always the next big jackpot to hope for!

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