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I’m embedding this video here on GreaterFalls.com for the simple reason that I can – the embed link for the video is provided on the Burlington Free Press website as one of several options.

Despite that, a fellow blogger is being called out by the Burlington Free Press (a Gannett organization, BTW) for embedding the video, as noted by Romenesko.

Here’s the email sent to the blogger by the associate editor of the paper:

Kilian, Michael [email protected]
3:49 PM (11 hours ago)
to me, Ryan, Mike
Hello —
Your March 19 post on Green Mountain Daily represents an inappropriate use of a Burlington Free Press video, “T.J. Donovan running for Attorney General against Sorrell.”
We allow sites to link to this copyrighted material, but not to post the content themselves.
Please remove the actual video from Green Mountain Daily and let me know when this occurs. You may keep the link to the video on the Burlington Free Press website.
Avoid this inappropriate use of our video or other content in the future. Thank you.
Mike Kilian
Associate Editor
Burlington Free Press

WTH? Is it some sort of a stupid trick by Kilian to generate traffic by generating some bogus controversy, even at the risk of making himself look foolish? Or does he genuinely not understand the concept of “Embed This Video” links provided BY HIS OWN SITE?

Getting the embed code is literally a matter of just a few clicks:



  1. We are dealing with similar issues at work here. Do you realize that if you have a commercial (for profit) website, it is illegal to link to a site within http://www.apple.com? You can link to http://www.apple.com, and tell your website visitor how to arrive at the apple page, but you can’t link to it directly. Now, over at Microsoft, you CAN link anywhere inside their site. We are also having to research the legality of using screen-shots of Microsoft Windows. It appears that one can use a full screen-shot as long as the image is not modified, but that you cannot use a sub-part (snip) of that screen. Its a Jungle out there Dave!

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