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Got an email on Monday from Mike, who says:

Hi The Great Falls Public Library told me I should direct my question to you.

Did Polk’s publish a City Directory for Great Falls for the period 1893 – 1896?

Thanks for the response.

Ummm…to be honest, I don’t know. Do any of you?



  1. Hi Mike,
    City Directories from about 1887 to the present are located at The History Museum, 422 2nd Street South. Some years are missing. Good luck with your research.

    Sandra Guynn,
    Owner, Big Sky Genealogy

  2. The University of Great Falls library has locally printed directories from 1892 and 1893, but they were titled, “Gazetteer of the city of Great Falls and Neihart & Barker, Montana for 1893 : comprising an alphabetical list of business firms and giving the names of citizens, with the occupation, place of business and residence of each”.

    The next directory that shows up is for 1896-97, and is titled “Cascade County directory and gazetteer, 1896-97 : including a classified business directory of the City of Great Falls, Mont.” The UGF library also has that one.

    I find no other from 92-96 in any on-line listings of library holdings, though maybe a more exhaustive search would come up with something…

    Good luck!

    Andrew Finch

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