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Bet you didn’t know that there is a category in the Great Falls phone book for “Kosher Foods” – and it does have an entry:

UPDATE, Monday night: greetings Farksters! Yeah, Great Falls isn’t exactly a hot-spot of kosher food, so stumbling across this in the phone book was a bit of a head-scratcher.

And I’ll admit to being a bit puzzled by all the JJ hate in the Fark thread – they’re not GREAT sammies, but they’re definitely GOOD sammies. And as noted in one of the Fark comments – they are fast and convenient, and I also love that you can just order a “slim” and not have to worry about lettuce, tomato, sprouts, veggies, etc. No need to ruin a good meat-cheese-bun sammie with a salad!

Also: this is the second time I’ve been Farked…do I get a prize for the third?



  1. I’m not an expert but doesn’t that mean that kosher items are prepared in a location not used for not kosher things? I’m pretty sure they make ham sandwiches on both food lines they have.

  2. I am the owner of Jimmy John’s. I have no idea why our name was listed under the Kosher section, but we are not a Kosher restaurant. I will look into which telephone book posted this error.

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