“Stranger” Comment

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Couple of years ago (almost to the day!) I posted an entry about Stranger Things, a very unique shop in downtown Great Falls; they sell Family Guy, KISS, skulls, dragons, toys, Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, “living dead” dolls, incense, tote bags, Elvis gear, etc.

Desiree left a comment the other day on that entry: “I have the 13th series Tenebre dead doll i am wanting to sell does anyone know where i can do that at in Greatfalls?”

Anybody able to help?



  1. I would try Rougue’s Den on 9th St or Kelly’s Komix on 10th Ave S. I think they sell action figures and maybe they could do something with this.

  2. I’d try Stranger Things. I don’t know if Shiela is interested in buying from the public, but you never know. If it’s a rare-enough one, she might be.

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