Gopher FTW

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Slipping into my “Dot Com Dave” costume, I made one of my rare on-screen appearances during the KRTV morning show yesterday. The subject: replacing Punxsutawney Phil with something more Montana-ey! Huge shout-out to all of the KRTV Facebook friends – LOTS of suggestions (even kangaroo!) and names! The clear winner, however, was gopher.

Oh, and you know that old saying about how the camera adds 10 pounds? Bear in mind that I had THREE cameras trained on me during this segment.


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  1. Haha, if I were on TV, I’d have to blame 5 or more camera’s 😉 Love the gopher idea…can’t wait to hear some of the names. I’m likin’ Gomer the Gopher, I could hear him already “golly, looks like 6 more weeks of winter”.

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