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This doesn’t technically fall under the category of “Great Falls,” but since it does reference geese, I’m ruling that it is indeed fair game for posting – namely because it literally had me in tears (of laughter).

It started as a goose tangent over at AskeMeFi and sort of snowballed. Kudos to griphus for the laugh.

QUESTION: How do I best prepare a meal of swan and goose for me and my homeless friends?


1 Goose (live)
1 Seagull (live)
1 Swan (live)
1 Discarded coffee filter
3 Discarded cans of pet food (wet)
2 Loaves day-old bread from behind the deli
Asstd. vegetable peels

Prepare stuffing by mixing equal parts day-old bread, pet food scrapings, coffee grinds and vegetable peels.
Preheat empty garbage can to “on fire.”
Have goose, swan, seagull fight to death over one loaf of the day old bread.
Pluck, skin and remove entrails.
Stuff seagull with stuffing.
Stuff goose with seagull.
Stuff swan with goose.
Throw seagooswan in garbage can along with entrails for 1hr.



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