Xmas at Walgreens

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Enjoyed some tasty chocolate pie at Good Time Charlie’s on Christmas evening (Sunday) with my daughter, and was shocked to find out that they ran out of the turkey meal at about 8 pm – and as we were paying our bill, the cook came out and announced to the staff that they had run out of ALL of the holiday meals.

After that, we stopped at Walgreens to see what kind of Christmas action was happenening…it was pretty busy, but the staff seemed to be holding up OK. If I hadn’t already taken care of my holiday shopping, I could have made some last-minute purchases…

First up: a classic Chia pet! Can never go wrong with this miracle of potted plantery!

Next is something that no home should be without: a Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzle.

And what Christmas tree would be complete without a “DJ Pauly D” ornament?

And saving the best for last: the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set! With this modern convenience, you can rest assured: meatloaf never falls apart!



  1. They saved us for Stockings! Yay! But announcement on the Thomas Kincaid puzzles..I’ve bought 4 different ones in the last month (me and my friend do puzzle night) to the disappointment of us both, every one of them were missing edge pieces. (not just from walgreens but wal mart and target too)

  2. Missing pieces? WTF? Seems to me that selling a jigsaw puzzle would be one of the easiest things to do: cut the pieces, put them all in a box, and voila! How hard can it be to get ALL of the pieces in the box?


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