Big Mouth BBQ Challenge

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Just found out a few days ago that there’s another food challenge in Great Falls – this one is at Big Mouth BBQ!

The first one is the “Big John Challenge” and involves three chicken fried steaks served between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh, and don’t forget the pound of chili-cheese fries. Do it in under 30 minutes and it’s free! Hmmm…this challenge seems almost possible…I like chicken fried steak, like grilled cheese sammies…it’s the chili-cheese fries that would probably do me in.

The second one is the “Big Cowboy Challenge” and involves four pounds of meat (pork, beef, chicken) and beans and some extra heat. Again, 30 minutes or less and it’s free. This one I couldn’t do – not a fan of beans.

Finish a challenge and your picture will be displayed next to Rooster Cogburn John Wayne!

The other food challenge in Great Falls is the Downtown DoghouseDogzilla.” Can’t do that one because I only like hot dogs the same way I like burgers: plain. No mustard, no mayo, no lettuce, no tomato, no sauce, no pickle, no ketchup, no relish, no onion, etc.

Know of any other food challenges in Great Falls (or nearby)?



  1. Cross out John Wayne, and put: Marion Robert Morrison. ‘course, hardly anyone knew him by his real name.

    On the food challenge: In this economy, spending $20 just to prove you can gorge on an amount of food that would satisfy 3 people is just wasteful. (well, assuming that you would fail at the challenge, anyway, and have to pay)


  2. True on the name, Ron – and to be honest, I can’t blame him for changing it! And “Rooster Cogburn” – damn, what a classic movie name!

    And re: food challenge – if someone wasn’t interested in the actual challenge, I suppose it would be a good meal for a family of four!

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