Great Falls: #22 Cold!

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The Daily Beast has published a list/gallery of the America’s 25 Coldest Cities, and Great Falls landed at #22 on the list – woohoo!

The list was made by using the following factors: average winter temperature for 2009; the temperature of the coldest day and the warmest day of the season; and the number of days with snow; no idea how much weight was given to each of the factors.

FWIW…the coldest temp I’ve experience since moving to Great Falls in 2002 was -31 back in December 2008…there were a few nights that month where we cracked the thirty-below mark. Of course, that’s just “straight” temp, without wind-chill factored in.

Of course, the way the last few weeks have been, we’d be lucky to make any “coldest” (or snowiest!) list – sure seems that wintry weather is taking a loooong time to arrive this year…


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