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Finally – the new Baja Fresh-Canyons Burger is open! Stopped by yesterday just to check it out – looks pretty nice inside, menu includes fajitas, burgers, etc. Ooh – and milkshakes with Wilcoxson’s ice cream! The big question: why can’t “Baja Fresh & Canyons Burger” just settle on one or two words for their name? Well…at least they didn’t use the FULL name of “Baja Fresh Mexican Grill and Canyons Burger Company.”

Eh – either way, can’t wait to try it – probably this weekend.

So glad that the space (Fox Farm at 10th Avenue South) is finally back in action – after Elmer’s closing and then the quick open-and-close of Monty’s, it seemed that nothing would ever happen at that location.


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