Stein Haus Memories

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Got an e-mail from Jack about the Stein Haus:

Many years ago we were stationed at Malmstrom AFB. At least once a week we would go to the Stein Haus to celebrate with a bunch of pizza’s and drink beer. We often wondered if both places were open and, “dah” I said google both. Do they still have that window between both buildings? The owner of the Stein Haus I believe his name was Art Mehalic. Is he still around. One hell of a guy and always glad to see you.



  1. T. C. Conners owns the Steiner now, at least the last time I was up there about three year ago. Still the best place around, and I die to get out there from here in Vancouver, WA for beer and a Howard’s Salami, Pepperoni and Tangy Sausage pizza. Tons of great memories going back to the late 60’s.
    RR Ames

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