Salad Thanks

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Lst night I went to Salad Creations to pick up a Buffalo Caesar salad – no, not for me, silly, you know I don’t eat anything green; this salad was for my fiancee.

As I was watching them make the salad, the man in front of me asked the employee if that was Parmesan cheese she was shaking onto the salad. She said yes, and the man turned to me and smiled and said, “Boy, that looks pretty good!” I smiled, nodded in agreement, and said something like, “Sure does!”

After a few more minutes of watching salad preparation, the man and his wife paid for their salads and left, and a moment later, it was my turn to pay. I pulled out my wallet, and the employee said, “No, your salad is paid for!”


She said, “That couple that just left – they bought your salad for you!”

Really? That is SO sweet!

She said, “They really are super-nice people – they own the Ship-It business up the road, and they’re in here a lot, and they are always so nice!”

So…THANK YOU, kindly couple! What a nice gesture!



  1. Wow! I deal with them a great deal in their store. They are the nicest people & very generous. I go back to buy my postcards there because of the service!

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