Moving To Montana: Scary!

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So you want to move to Montana? 1207bmiller has created a video offering some insight. The premise: a young man has accepted a job to open the very first Starbucks in Montana, and his co-worker offers some cautions, including:

– there is no electricity in Montana
– there are no paved roads in Montana
– everyone uses an outhouse in Montana
– everyone lives in a log cabin
– the Abominable Snowman kills 30 people every year in Montana
– popular pastimes in Montana include: milking cows and kitty-cats; forming anti-government militias; drinking whiskey by the gallon

Thanks to my friends Erin and Craig for sharing this with me!


1 Comment

  1. Yes. Yes. All true.
    They did not mention that you must turn in your car at the border and hire a horse or mule to get around.
    We should make this required viewing for all out-of-staters (I’m looking at you, California) thinking about moving to Montana.

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