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…so as I’m turning on to 10th Avenue South at 26th Street, I came pretty close to running into a police car because my vision was blocked on my right side by a large truck, and I didn’t see the cop car. Thankfully, I did manage to stop just in time since I heard the siren – and then watched as the police car pulled into Stockman Bank just one block up, where I saw several other police cars, and lots of officers. Turns out it was an attempted robbery in progress. Thankfully, no one was injured, and the suspect was quickly arrested.


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  1. I was sitting at the stop light on 25th Street S. and 10th Ave S., right next to Stockman Bank when that happened…all of a sudden cops EVERYWHERE. I had my camera with me but was in the left lane to turn east on 10th Ave S so I couldn’t get any good pictures. Too bad too because I have an assignment in my photojournalism class where those pictures would have worked great.

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