Frontier Force

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We’ve been enjoying “Frontier Force” on NatGeo the last few weeks; it focuses on Montana law enforcement officials – police, sheriff’s deputies, MT FWP – as they go about their jobs. They’ve highlighted officers in Yellowstone County and Billings, Gallatin County and Bozeman, Flathead County and Kalispell, and yes, even the man with one of the coolest names in Montana: Sheriff Freedom Crawford in Roosevelt County!

Last night’s episode was pretty cool – it featured MT FWP officials rounding up excess bighorn sheep on Wild Horse Island in Flathead Lake – but best of all – the show finally got around to a segment in Cascade County!

The incident they aired involved a woman who was shot in the leg – I’m pretty sure it was this incident back in January 2011. Most of the episodes they’ve aired so far seem to have been filmed between October 2010 and January 2011, so the timeline seems right.

Here’s the segment:



  1. Did you see that HUGE full-curl ram on Wild Horse Island? *OMG* I want to get a photo of that! Every time i watch I remember why I stay in Montana! You can’t beat the people or the surroundings!

  2. ZenPanda: oh yeah – that was absolutely amazing! And watching the lift the sheep with the helicopter – we couldn’t believe it! We thought that they would load the sheep on a boat, but airlifting them? Crazy!

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