Restaurant Roundup!

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Let’s recap some of the recent news about restaurants in Great Falls, shall we?

Coming soon: Cafe Rio is going in where Hollywood Video used to be, right near Starbucks in the mall parking lot. Baja Fresh & Canyons Burger is going into the old Elmer’s location on Fox Farm. Can’t wait – that spot has been empty for so long.

RIP: La Pastada shut down, and a daycare facility now occupies the space. The Taco Treat near downtown on Central Avenue closed down.

Likely: The Staggering Ox will open soon in the place where The Breaks used to be, according to the Tribune…although a similar deal was reported back in (!) 2004, too.

Rumor! Heard a few days ago that Famous Dave’s – very popular in Missoula! – will be moving in to the Prospector on Smelter Avenue, although the rumor says that it won’t happen until February.



  1. I’ve heard the famous Dave one too! Not so excited for the new Mexican places… Would rather see panera bread company or Einstein bro bagels.

  2. jen… nope to all three. Great Falls is dudsville to those franchises. The town isn’t growing and the local restaurants don’t want the competition.

  3. I have a business meeting in Great Falls and I need to provide a breakfast. Any suggestions of a place that does a good cater or some fancy takeout for me to bring ?

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