Special Olympics Montana

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I had the honor of being asked to give a presentation at the Fall Leadership Conference of Special Olympics Montana over the weekend on the subject of “Writing For The Web.” Good stuff – people from every corner of Montana – my group included participants from Billings, Bozeman, and even Ryegate! It was heartening to see that SOMT is already utilizing social media and helping get the word out about what they do and shine a spotlight on their athletes.

I also sat in on a large session where there were several presentations about the recent Special Olympics World Games held in Greece. Among the speakers were members of SOMT who traveled to Greece for the event, including one of the coaches, one of the athletes, one of the volunteers, a Law Enforcement Torch Run member, and more.

The entire event was pretty amazing – demonstrated pretty clearly that Special Olympics brings out the best in everyone: the athletes, the families, the staff, the communities.


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