Eatery Update!

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It’s official: Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill has (finally!) moved into its new location over near Benefis! Haven’t been by to visit yet, but can’t wait to check out the new digs in the next few days. It’s at the intersection of 10th Avenue South and 26th Street, in the same building as the San Remo coffee shop. Hope they kept the funky atmosphere of the original location!

Some things for you to remember, if you haven’t tried Goode’s yet: first, it’s pronounced GOODZ – not “Good-eez.” Second, it is home to the best breakfast in town – the Haystack! Third, it’s home to the second-best burger in town, the Q-burger.

And in other restaurant news, it looks like Great Falls will soon be home a Staggering Ox, in the building where The Breaks (and the Bay Leaf!) used to live, down at 2nd Avenue South and 2nd Street. I’ve been to the Ox in both Helena and Missoula – pretty unique. I suspect that the Great Falls location could rival the Helena location in being quirky and funky, if they do it right.



  1. I went to Goode’s Q last week with a friend for what I consider the Best Tasting Burgers in Great Falls (I love the cajun, too, but Goode’s makes outstanding burgers) and the new place is awesome. The inside is a lot more spacious and the atmosphere of the restaurant is already more vibrant than the old log cabin (are those paintings of New Orleans on the walls?). The food and service is still top-notch and one of the owners was gracious enough to gave us a little tour of his huge new kitchen. He said the reason why they’ve been reluctant to tell the Tribune about their move is because they were still getting situated before they could handle a rush of people efficiently.

    There’s not a lot of restaurants that I like to actually eat inside of (I’m a ‘to go’ man because no where is more comfortable than your own house), but the new Goode’s Q is already one of my new favorite spots in Great Falls.

  2. bonkrood – don’t wait until august to visit!

    LaughingMan – THANK YOU for the great mini-review – what a relief to know that they’ve retained their “style!” Can’t wait to get down there!

  3. We stopped in the other evening for the oyster po-boys, and they were as awesome as ever. I get a little extra remoulade sauce for my fries, and I’m in Cajun food heaven. The new place is gorgeous – so much atmosphere!

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