Sunday Drive

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Made our (nearly) annual drive out to the Montana Bale Trail and “What The Hay!” on Sunday – as always, a delightful trip! Some neat hay sculptures and art – will get some pix of them posted soon – and among our favorites were the Angry Birds (east version, complete with slingshot and pig), and the Planet Of The Apes.

In the meantime, here’s a recap of the wildlife that we saw during our trip to Hobson, Utica, and Windham.

Cows: hundreds (black, brown, black-n-white)

Horses: dozens (three being ridden in Utica)

Deer: zero (seriously – no deer?!)

Raccoons: three (all of them extremely sleepy and taking naps on the side of the road)

Large Plastic Chickens: one

Oh – and on the way home we drove through Geyser – cute. Love their sign.


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