Grassroots Gold

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Another radio change in Great Falls: looks like “Grassroots Gold” is now airing on KINX at 102.7. Or at least, it is today – don’t know if it’s a permanent change or a one-time deal.

If you’re not familiar with Grassroots Gold: it’s a two-hour show hosted by Dave Wilson and Jim Lynn, and they play “classic” country music – also known as retro-country, Western swing, etc. They also provide lots of fun facts and anecdotes about the musicians, the songs, the writers, etc. Good stuff.

Until I moved to Great Falls, I didn’t much care for country music of any kind. I went through a very brief spell in the late 80s/early 90s of enjoying Dwight Yoakum and George Strait, but that was the extent of it.

But shortly after arriving here, I heard a song called “Wolverton Mountain” on the radio, and something about it struck me. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed learning more about that type of music, and I’ve also learned that there really was a Clifton Clowers, by the way.

You can also catch the program online at Northern Broadcasting.


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  1. what is the problem with the station? Grass Roots Gold has started late at times—Has had a news program on at the same time—-And had a dead spot for TWENTY MINUTES from 8:40 to 9:00 on 10/1

    I wish the program would return to KMON 560.Where there never was a program for over thirty years!!!!

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