RIP Zandy’s (again)

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With a total of 924 “Likes” on the page, the person behind the Zandy’s Facebook page has announced that the dream is dead. In his (her?) words:

It wasn’t fake. We had been working on buying the building since they closed. The investors have given up on the idea and really didn’t take kindly to being called fake. Not enough likes for our liking stop liking Zandys as it will not be opening by us. Thanks to all who tried..

I’m as disappointed as anyone, but really…I’ve tried to be charitable and believed in the cause, but if the inability to gain 2,500 Facebook friends in two weeks – and not taking kindly to being called “fake” – is enough to dash the investor’s plans, then…it just doesn’t seem like it was a genuine effort to begin with.

I suspect the person behind the Facebook page was sincere, but maybe was being strung along a little bit by the mystery investor, or possibly misinterpreting the mystery investor’s intent or goal.


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