Announcing The Announcement

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Jack over at The Western Word has a quick summary of the current state of the 2012 gubernatorial race, including the news that Steve Bullock has joined the race – arguably the worst-kept secret in Montana politics this year.

Politics aside – not a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Tea Party or Green thing – Bullock’s “teasing” of his candidacy for the last several months just ticks me off, because it happens so often at all levels of politics. As I commented over at Jack’s place: “I absolutely HATE that politicians (of all stripes) release announcements that they plan to schedule an announcement that they will at some point make an announcement that they plan to schedule a conference to announce that they will soon make an official announcement about a formal announcement for a candidacy.”

If you’re going to run for office, then for crying out loud, JUST DO IT.


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