Zandy’s, continued

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The Facebook campaign to bring back Zandy’s has people wondering: is it a legitimate effort?

The person behind the Facebook page posted this today: “The investers are losing intrest due to likes dropping off. Please share this page after liking us..”

Several people – including me – then said it would be helpful if we had more information about the plan, and who specifically is behind it, pointing out that it’s unlikely a bank (or investor) would pony up the cash based only on the number of Facebook “likes.”

A bit later, the person running the Zandy’s Facebook page left this comment here on GreaterFalls:

The bank really has nothing to do with it. The inestor in question will consider opening Xandys if he see’s enough people will like it. The investor in question, has little interest in including Burger Master items on the menu, and also need to see people would want that to even consider doing this. He could get a loan at the bank, he needs to know it would be worth it. Go to the page and like it and convince investors it would be worth it and some other invester may beat us to it, That’s fine, we just want it back!

While I don’t doubt that an investor would appreciate a solid showing of community support to indicate a ready customer base, that surely isn’t the driving force behind any investor’s decision – unless the Web 2.0 (or are we on 3.0 now?) bubble is just now hitting Great Falls.

Either way – the bottom line is that there are MANY people who would love to see Zandy’s (and/or Burger Master!) back in business. We just don’t want to be duped into thinking that simply clicking a “like” button will make it happen.



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  1. I have a hard time believing the facebook poster is actually in touch with possible investors of true business caliber with that kind of grammar. I don’t even understand what the poster was trying to say!

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