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Sad news, but also potentially cool: SAM radio (similar to the Jack format) is coming to end in Great Falls. It sprang to life back in 2005 on 107.3 and was mostly awesome: playing everything from Zeppelin to Duran Duran to Motown to No Doubt.

Then a few months ago, it moved to 102.7…and now, it’s going to adopt an all-news format. I’ll miss the eclectic SAM mix of tunes, but looking forward to seeing how the all-news thing works.

In related radio news: sports fans will be happy to hear that 98.3 FM and 1400 AM will start broadcasting Fox Sports Network.

More Great Falls radio news here.



  1. The only thing consistent about this town when it comes to radio, and TV, stations… they change every couple years. I liked SAM too. All-news format sounds interesting. Hopefully, the radio stations in town can get on the wagon with the digital signal that id’s their station (as a readout) on your car radio. The only station doing this currently is the PBS station in town.

  2. “Digital signal that id’s their station?” Really? If that is your major concern, rest easy my friend. Your Radio bill is paid in full. You will not recieve another bill in the mail for your listenership. My goodness, the things some people are concerned about these days….

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