Lost Lake

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I’ve heard of Lost Lake, and tried (sort of) once to find it during a day trip we took last Autumn to Geraldine and Square Butte.

Lo and behold, here it is on YouTube. Have you ever been there?

By the way – here’s a really cool page detailing some of the geology of the area.



  1. Lost lake is a very neat site to see…just remember it is on private property. It is greatly appreciated that you ask permission to go look before you do. Thanks.

  2. Were the antelope as arrogant as they were years ago? I drug your engineer Dave Mills there, I wanted to visit the place that my grandmother went on Highwood High School Senior Skip Day in 1932. Almost had to bump them out of the way to get down the road. Only visited the north side. The folks that own it said the south side was lousy with rattlesnakes. Say hi to Dave for me!!

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