Faster Basset…Burger?

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You’ve probably seen the new Faster Basset eatery over on 3rd Street NW, in front of the Staybridge Suites hotel. I finally got the chance to check it out…and I was blown away.

It’s VERY cool inside – wide open, plenty of relaxing seating options, cool art work, some swag to purchase – and the staff is super-friendly. Brandon – the owner – has done an AWESOME job creating this place.

Faster Basset specializes in two things: coffee and crepes. I tried the coffee – Stumptown brand – and although it’s not quite my cup of tea (too hooked on my 10-shot espresso at SBX), everybody else seems to love it. As far as the crepes – I enjoyed a banana & whip cream crepe at Farmer’s Market a few months ago – a tasty treat. And my fiancee really enjoyed the salmon crepe.

But here’s the funny thing: I had a burger at Faster Basset that surpassed any other burger I’ve ever had in Great Falls – yes, even better than Goode’s Q-Burger. And it’s not even technically a burger! Seriously. The Faster Basset crew takes Angus beef (from the Malek ranch!), grills it up, and serves it with delicious smoky bacon in a crepe. Of course, most people order it with fancy stuff (mustard, greens, etc), but for me – beef, bacon, and cheese. It was out of this world. As soon as I finished it…I ordered a second one! My fiancee had one and she loved it, too.

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  1. I must admit disappointment in the Faster Basset product. I tried a crepe at the Farmer’s Market, and it quickly became tough and dry-sort of a low rent tortilla. Marginally ok, but nothing I’d ever look inside to find a cheeseburger.

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