Joan Jett in Great Falls

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Joan Jett is performing at the Montana State Fair tonight – and rumor says that she dined at Dante’s restaurant last night. If any of you can confirm – or better, have a picture! – let me know.

I’m not a concert-goer (B-52s in 1982, Van Halen in 1984), but if I had to see a concert at the fair this year – it would be Joan Jett. She’s cool, and her songs haven’t lost any of their punch.

And speaking of concerts at the fair – Jack has a good write-up of his experience seeing REO Speedwagon perform earlier this week. In addition to enjoying some REO classics, he encountered this:

I noticed very few issues with security, although one intoxicated skanky old rocker chick tried to climb through the rows of seats to get near the front. Security never stopped her, but she ran into me and my entourage and her climb to the front was halted.



  1. The concert was amazing!! But what I would say is, if some dumbass tells your on the “meet and greet” list to meet Joan Jett, DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! They lied to me and my mom and that was pretty fuckin low of them!!!!!

  2. Joan Jett is a beautiful and amazing person. I envy her for what she did. She rose up from poverty and a true rock n roller at heart. LONG LIVE JOAN JETT!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know of a bunch of rough and tough derby girls that went to the Joan Jett concert. 🙂 Not me, but a bunch of my sisters did! 🙂 And it looked like they had a blast from their photos.

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