Stuart Lewin, Mayoral Candidate

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Got an email from Mayoral candidate Stuart Lewin this morning:

Zen Panda suggested I contact you and check out your website. I was out knocking doors for my campaign for mayor (check out and met her. I congratulate you for this fine site.

I have been asking folks if they were mayor what one thing would they do to improve our city/community. What would you say?

Stuart Lewin

PS I like the fish soups at Goode’s.

First, thanks to ZenPanda – one of my earliest GreaterFalls friends!
Second, I congratulate Stuart on his appreciation of Goodes’s!
Third: I like that Stuart wears hats.
Fourth: so let’s hear it – what ONE THING would you want to see done to improve our community?



  1. Stuart,

    In my opinion, an objective look at the aesthitics of our community is essential for Great Falls to move forward. Planting more trees in commercial areas, landscaping medians (downtown and tenth),highlighting our river and encouraging economic growth around it,and taking a hard look at how we use signage here (often too big and guady). Great Falls has a lot going for it, but it is often overshadowed by poor decisions of previous leaders in our town. These decisions range from covering classic buidlings with unappealing facades to current buisnessowners not investing in the aesthetic potential of their lots (i.e. tenth ave.) If you can help lead a civic effort to accentuate our beauty and help create new beauty, then you sir, will be a catalyst of economic growth and vitality, creating ripple effects in our economy and retention of people my age (mid to late 20’s). Great Falls doesn’t need an overhaul, we just need to spruce some things up…in essence help beautify GF!

  2. Ryan,

    Well stated. I completely agree and if we look again at the City sign code, perhaps we could do a better job this time.

    But real results will come when we build on our common love for this place infused with a can do attitude. A good example of that is Wick’s work on the rivers edge trail – with phenomenal results.

    I suggest you form a 20 something group to advance your ideas, participate in your neighborhood council to build consensus among your neighbors on what improvements can be made (you can get their meeting dates and times on the City website) or get your friends to post their ideas on this webblog on how to effect the change we wish to see.


    PS How do I drop you a line? Through this weblog? or through your comment on

  3. No problem, Dave! When I think of how can someone get heard or learn about Great Falls I think DAVE! & No one promotes or highlights GF better!

    I enjoyed chatting with Mr. Lewin & gave him my ideas. I like Ryan’s suggestions here- improving the way our river front & other popular areas look is important. I can see projects like that bringing jobs to the community too!

  4. As mayor, I’d declare ECP bankrupt. Second on the list, get rid of the foundation that’s been sitting half built in the Twilight Business Center for the past 5 years.

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