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Some news stories that I found particularly noteworthy or fun this week:

Big Sky Crossfit opens in Great Falls: Owner Ryan Smith explained, “I don’t really rely on machines. The only machine I rely on…is the Concept 2 Rower. That’s the only machine, the other machine basically is just yourself – your body. And basically all I am doing is taking old-school training and basically putting a new-school look onto it.”

Suki Cafe launching “sister” eatery next door: The Fuang family’s new restaurant will be known simply as Suki’s and will feature what they call a “fusion style” menu. The couple wanted to incorporate their knowledge of Japanese-style cooking with Mediterranean and European dishes. I’ve been to Suki Cafe only once; not my cup of tea, but overall a good experience.

Taco Treat closing Central Avenue location: The Taco Treat restaurant on Central Avenue – the first of the chain, established more than 50 years ago – will be closing on Friday, July 15th. You probably remember that I’ve tried Taco Treat a few times, and found it…disappointing. But I humbly acknowledge the mystical power that Taco Treat has over folks born & raised in my beloved community, and will defend to the death your right to enjoy it!


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