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Speaking of Facebook contests – unfortunately, Great Falls’ very own Kristy Pocock learned that she did not win the Slim Fast contest:

Hi everyone. Slim Fast let me know today that I had an outstanding number of votes but they decided to go in a different direction. They decided to personally choose the winner and go with someone that still has weight to lose to track her progress rather than someone already at their goal weight. Stinks but what can you do. Thank you all for the support and I believe I would have won based on votes.

Hm. Sounds like Slim Fast pulled a fast one – changing the rules after the contest started? Meh. Kristy is still a winner in my book!


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  1. Hi everyone, its Kristy from the Slim Fast Contest. Although I didn’t win the title of “New Face of Slim Fast” I did win the opportunity to star in their new WOW ad campaign. I won a trip to New York City, a photo shoot, hair and make-up done professionally, and a year supply of Slim Fast. Not to mention a cash bonus! Everything turned out beautifully and I can now be seen in the January issue of Women’s Day. I’ll be in the upcoming February issues of Good Housekeeping and Women’s World. Hope you check out my ads and success story! Thank you Slim Fast for an amazing opportunity to share my WOW Moment and for helping me accomplish a 75 pound weight loss.

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