Montana Monster Cookies!

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The folks at Better Homes & Gardens are running a State Cookie Contest, asking one person from each state to submit a cookie that best represents their state…they reached out to bloggers across the country, and it looks like most of them are “baking bloggers” to some degree. For the Montana contestant – believe it or not, you’re looking at him (me!)! It’s part of a promotional campaign for some new bakeware, and they sent me a fancy baking sheet to use (more on that later).

So for the first time in my life (seriously), I made cookies! Well, I’ve made cookies before – but only the “instant” kind – never before gone out to purchase all of the ingredients, mix ’em all up, etc. So I asked a few of my Facebook friends what kind of cookie I should make to represent Montana, and the most common answer was Monster Cookies. So I checked out a few different recipes, selected one that looked tasty, and then “tinkered” with it a little bit – and here is the result: Montana Monster Cookies!

Voting for the Best State Cookie is on the BHG Facebook page, and I would really appreciate any support and votes you folks can give to my Montana Monster Cookies!


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