Friday Linkage

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– The Kitchen Witch shares her experience – and lots of cool pix! – from her recent African safari adventure. My favorite pic is the klipspringer!

– Gregg tears into the issue of a man who opened a business in downtown Great Falls, hired more than a dozen people – including folks from the Rescue Mission – and now must abandon it due to zoning laws. I’ll admit that the owner should have done a bit more due diligence before setting up shop – but maybe it’s time for the folks who create the zoning laws to consider some changes.

– Did you catch the first Summer edition of Jack’s weekly “Caught My Eye” feature? NOTE: the Summer editions “…may be written from poolside, on the patio, or somewhere outdoors – and there may be more mistakes as suntan lotion makes for slippery fingers.”

– Another installment of things that Great Falls Girl misses about her hometown – this time featuring the Frosty ice cream trucks (carts?)! Which reminds me – I could have sworn I heard an ice cream truck at about 9:00 pm this evening in the Riverview area – have any of you seen one yet this summer?


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