Starway Superette Update

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Whoa – when I asked about the history of the Starway Superette, I didn’t realize that (a) it had been open as recently as 2003, and (b) that it was the location of a terrible crime:

On the evening of June 8, 2003, a man entered the Starway Superette with a gun and ordered Calixto Joaquin, the owner and sole employee of the store, to open the cash register. The same man had been in the store about fifteen minutes earlier. Joaquin opened the register, and the man shot him in the head.   Joaquin managed to remain conscious. yan McVey entered the store during the robbery, and the man ordered him to get down. Joaquin called 911 once the man left the store.

Diaz, BTW, is now in the Montana State Prison.


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