Trek Alert!

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From the Tribune: Eric Stillwell, who co-wrote the “Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode from season three of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” will be visiting Great Falls and is scheduled to be interviewed at noon Saturday at Bert & Ernie’s restaurant by Tribune columnist Richard Ecke. Stillwell would be happy to chat with several Star Trek aficionados at that time and answer questions. It’s a no-host event, meaning participants pay for their own food. For more information or to confirm a spot, call Ecke at 791-1467 or e-mail him at [email protected]

Over at Memory Alpha, there’s a bio page about Stillwell which includes this tidbit:

“Yesterday’s Enterprise” has also been voted by the readers of Starlog magazine as the most popular episode of the series (1993); ranked as the single most popular one-hour installment of the series in a nationwide viewer’s choice marathon (1994); was chosen by the readers of TV Guide as one of the top five all-time Star Trek episodes (1996); and was chosen by viewers in the UK as the number one Star Trek episode of all time (1996). The California Lottery even featured the Enterprise-C from the episode on one of six Star Trek scratch-and-win lottery tickets in 1996.

More about the episode here.


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