Friday Linkage

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– Want a good pot roast recipe? The Kitchen Witch has you covered. Best quote: “I did it the TKW way, browned it in bacon fat, yeah baby!”

– Jack’s weekly “Caught My Eye” is up, with political commentary, fun links, and plenty of etcetera.

– Congratulations to Courtney and hubby on the arrival of the Wee Bee! Adorable!

– Always nice to see Jamie around town – yesterday it was at Central Catholic – and in case you hadn’t heard, his novel has now spent 8,760 hours on the New York Times bestseller list.

– Claire offers her thoughts on the EU vegetable scare, including this tidbit: “E. Coli does not come from vegetable sources. If you show me a carrot that shits, I’ll eat my words, and I’ll eat the carrot and take my chances.” Well…as an avowed anti-vegetablist (is that a word?), I’m still not going to take any chances on carrots, just to be safe.

– Fun! stopped in at My Viola yesterday to pick up an arrangement for my beautiful fiancee’s birthday, and I really enjoyed the artwork that is on display. Turns out that the artist is Sheree North – who just happens to have a WP-powered website, mad props! – and she will be at My Viola tonight for the First Friday Art Walk! BONUS: one of the pages on her site is titled Whimsy – love it. Here’s one of her pieces on the wall at My Viola:


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