“Sweep Stunt in Market 190”

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The temporary “news director” at KFBB, Matt Stevens, has taken a swipe at KRTV on his “Over 50 Talent” blog, and not only is he flat-out wrong about how and why KRTV got the story about the escaped convict who called KRTV on Wednesday – but he’s also dead wrong about how his station “scooped” KRTV – and even better, he couldn’t begin to be more wrong when he says this:

“Sure, they beat us on the web. Like that matters! I’ll bet eight people saw that web story and three of them were in our newsroom.”

Bwahahaha! Dude, I have the numbers on the web traffic that the story generated for KRTV.com, and I can assure you – it was waaaay more than “eight people.” In fact, so far it’s 13,435 more people than that.

And saying that the web doesn’t matter? Ooh – I’m sure that attitude will serve you very well in your future journalism endeavors.

And when this “news director” mentioned to some of the young reporters at KFBB that what KRTV had done was some sort of elaborate ratings stunt:

I mentioned my theory out loud in the newsroom. “They’re not that bright,” said one of our young reporters. “No one there would think of that.”

In fact, we didn’t think of that, but not because we’re not “not that bright” – because KRTV isn’t out to engage in “stunts” or sensationalize or over-dramatize the news.

KFBB, on the other hand, seems to revel in “stunts” and sensationalism. For example, they must be very proud of how “bright” they are, as evidenced by this:

Dude…maybe before you leave Great Falls someone will buy you a nice, big shovel so that you can dig yourself an even bigger hole.

UPDATE: in case you’re wondering, yes, TV stations generally avoid mentioning each other at all, whether on air or online. And I’ve had to bite my blogging tongue more times than you can imagine over the last few years, wincing at the bloopers, inaccuracies, and errors at KFBB. But in a few cases, I have mentioned them. Here’s one example:

A story on KFBB (on air and online) back in October ago claimed that there are 473,310 babies born prematurely every year in Montana. Any one who knows ANYTHING at all about Montana – namely, a ballpark estimate of how many people live here – knows that such a number is quite simply impossible. But KFBB reported it – and never corrected it, to the best of my knowledge. Here’s a screenshot from their story:

An error like that goes beyond being simply “wrong” – it’s downright embarrassing.



  1. I’m not a psychologist and I don’t play one on TV, but I think he’s projecting just a tad. He hasn’t been here long enough to know how or why you do what you do –but he’s been around himself long enough to know how he would increase ratings on the last day of sweeps…

  2. I read his entire entry. Sounds like a complete doucher. I hate the local news coverage, but anyone who works at a station that features “Chief Meteorologist Adam Koslin” shouldn’t speak ill of the competition. Ever. That guy is painfully bad.

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