Escaped Convict Calls KRTV

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This is like something out of a movie – remember “His Girl Friday” or (the semi-remake) “Switching Channels?” Check this out:

Steve Robb, the Great Falls man who escaped from the Montana State Prison in April, has contacted KRTV and said that he will be turning himself in to authorities within a few days.
In a phone interview with Heath Heggem, Robb said that he is back in Montana after spending time out of state.
Robb escaped from the Deer Lodge facility in a prison work truck on April 19th; he had been working on a ranch crew at the prison when he escaped.

Some people didn’t think that it was really Robb that called when we first reported the story: someone left this comment on the story:

there is no way you can be certain this was actually the escaped inmate calling in, and not jsut someone pulling your leg and getting a good laugh out of you actually reporting the story on it.


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