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Listening to SAM at 107.3 over the weekend and heard a few brief promos for 102.7 – which over the weekend was just static, but on Monday is simulcasting what’s on SAM. Anyone know what’s coming up on 102.7? The last time it was a station (The Rock Hog), it didn’t last too long…maybe someone has come up with something that will last this time…?



  1. They aren’t saying much. Even their website/facebook account offers no explanation. I have emailed them to find out what is going on still awaiting a response. Really sad to see the frequency change as I live in Cut Bank. 107.3 made it here ok but not 102.7. SAM will be missed here.

  2. As of Monday 107.3 has made it’s move to 102.7. I will miss listening to them in my town and being able to hear them all the way when I drive to Great Falls.

    I just got a reply from the station. Turns out it was a station sale deal by the owners that involved purchasing 101.7, 102.7 and 103.9. They sold 107.3 as part of the deal. 107.3 will be country music station soon.

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