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– Aaron has unveiled a new website/blog called The Ram’s Horn for Congregation Aitz Chaim, the Great Falls Hebrew Association. From the About page: “The current Ram’s Horn contains more than just our congregation schedule. Inside the bulletin, you can find articles of Jewish wisdom, thoughts from our rabbi, recipes, jokes and, of course, lots of photos. We are proud of the Ram’s Horn as part of the glue that helps make Judaism in Northcentral Montana into a community.” Bonus: a great joke!

– Jim emails with an update on very sore subject: “Just an update on my favorite sore subject in Great Falls… the Carmike Cinema. I email’d a question to Carmike Cinema corporate HQ about the two new giant screen theaters Great Falls was supposed to get this year. Their reply… project is on hold. Which probably means, given this town’s record, it ain’t happening.”

– Great Falls Girl doesn’t post often, but when she does, it’s always worth a read. She’s a GF native who currently lives out of state; her blog title says it all: Thing I Miss About Home…Great Falls, Montana. Her latest topics: her old neighborhood in Fox Farm, and the legendary Sip-n-Dip Lounge!

– And here’s a picture of the new Pizza Baron restaurant that just opened up on 2nd Avenue North – we tried it out last Friday – it was so good, we went back on Saturday!

Working on a more thorough review – will post later today or tomorrow.


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