“Cory Block”

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A recent story about “most improved” properties in Great Falls got me wondering:

Maurice Novak, who was honored for his involvement in the Cory Block section of downtown Great Falls, said, “I was walking down the street one day and Al Henry said ‘Congrats!’ and I said ‘What for?’ and he said ‘Well you’re going to get the award for most improved commercial property downtown!’ So it was a real unexpected treat.”

Apparently “Cory Block” refers to the area between #2 through #8 Fifth Street South – where the Downtown Dog House is. Does anybody know why it is called “Cory Block,” or who it refers to?
I found this “Bach-Cory Block” reference from 1934, but it didn’t explain the origin:

In 1884 construction of Great Falls first business block was also begun, on the lot now occupied by the Montana Power Company building, the Bach-Cory block. Mr. Canary built the foundation of this building, which was used as an office by the Great Falls Townsite Company.


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