Claire’s Pied-à-Terre

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One of my favorite people (and fellow Great Falls blogger) Claire is featured in an interesting New York Times piece. The article relates her experience in trying to find a pied-à-terre (I had to Google it, too) in The Big Apple. It’s sort of like the reverse of having a cabin retreat near Monarch.

The article is published under the category “The Hunt.” Some excerpts:

What Claire Baiz craved was a cabin in the woods.To her, however, a cabin was a small apartment. Her idea of woods was towering high-rises. Her idea of a getaway was New York City.
Her home came with a robotlike portable air-conditioner. She almost expects it to “open its little louvers and say, ‘Danger, Will Robinson!’ ”
Her husband plans to visit occasionally, but doesn’t like too much traveling back and forth. There are no nonstop flights between New York and Great Falls.

And of course Claire offers her version of the experience on her Wedge Blog, including this:

I came home to Montana after a third hunt without a fresh contract. I was wild-eyed, smellin’ bad and talkin’ dirty. That was when I wrote to the New York Times with the idea that became the story in this weeks’ Hunt. I went from naive to nasty in a few months. Let me accelerate the process for you. I will spare you the pain of firsthand rookie mistakes. You will be nasty by next weekend, I promise. People don’t read blogs longer than 800 words. I am topped out. I am also a slut for clicks. Last week I had under a hundred clicks. OK, under fifty. Please click me again, it felt so good.

Both articles are well worth reading.


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