Deal of the Day

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One of the (very, very) few downsides to living in a smaller community in a sparsely-populated state is that sometimes national trends and opportunities sort of never seem to make it here – or if they do, it’s long after they have been introduced into fancy big metro areas (think iPhone).

So after watching the explosive growth of Groupon – and knowing that it will be a long time before it gets to Great Falls – I was pretty happy to find out that KRTV (my employer, full disclosure) has just launched a “Deal of the Day” program that is similar to Groupon.

Basically, local businesses team up with KRTV and offer half-off (sometimes more) on certain products and services. It’s similar to the Half-Off Dining program, but broader in scope. For instance, among the first three participants are a lawncare service and an auto-body/dent-repair shop. The only catch: each deal is only available for 48 hours…which means that you have to jump on them before they are gone. Click the image below to visit the Deal of the Day site and learn more.


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