School Levy, PSC

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School levy election is coming up, and Gregg has some thoughts (and info from Cyndi Baker) that you should check out before deciding which way to vote. There’s also a pro-levy site at Kids’ Education Yes!
My overall reaction to the levy issue: I suspect that it would be far easier for the school district to find $1M to cut from expenses than they are willing to admit.

ALSO: the big dust-up in the PSC on Friday is addressed by Travis Kavulla himself in a guest piece over at ECW. There’s a good overview of the situation at the Lowdown by John Adams, including this tidbit: “In an interview after the commission meeting, a visibly irritated Molnar called Kavulla a ‘sociopath’ who gladly accepted Molnar’s help during the election season and then stabbed him in the back.”


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  1. Curious who is paying for all the “Vote Yes” propaganda signs in town. Agree with you. It would be far easier for the school lobby in town to cut 1 million dollars out of a 65 million dollar budget than to raise the levy.

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